Planning your schedules

These days we are busier than ever, between work, school, kids & after school activities it is becoming harder to know what we are doing and where we are going. Thankfully there are a number of tools available to help plan our busy lives. If you are like me, you probably use a few on this list.

Whiteboards / Chalkboards

There are a number of whiteboards or chalkboards available on the market to help plan activities. From business planners to the do it your self kind. I have both – and use both. My wall planner is a professional planner purchased from Shelton & Lane. I buy one of these every October and start planning for the next year. Jotting in the school holidays and major events first, I can then schedule classes & workshops. I also have a blank whiteboard from Kmart in my office. I use this to plan my week in detail & upcoming events for the following week. Divide the board up into sections – one for each day of the working week, one for the weekend and another section at the bottom for urgent and priority events.
Monday Tuesday Wednesday
Thursday Friday Sat/Sun
Next Week Urgent

Planner Folder

I also use a planner folder for even for detailed information about appointments. This folder is divided into monthly sections, with each month having an overview and then a detailed page for each day. There are also additional sections for Project Management & Tasks that need to be completed. I purchased this planner from Etsy for about $30. And it is a printable, so I just print off the pages as I need them and add to the folder.  


I used to use a diary all the time, but have been slack with this lately, preferring to use the larger format Planner. A diary is useful to keep on hand though and can be in paper form or electronic. Google calendar is great for planning & scheduling. I found the best type of diary that works for me is one that has a day to a page and is spiral bound to lie flat.  

Electronic Planners

This is another device I use a lot. As I am at my desk when not in class, this electronic planner called esy planner I found has been really useful. Designed for party planning, it includes some great features such as tasks, customer management & appointments. I will do another blog post on this handy bit of free software later.         What do you use to plan your life?

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