In development: Blogging Course

These days, having a website alone is not enough to get word out there. This new course (still in development) is designed to help business’ set up a both a blog and social media strategy to get them online in more ways than one. Focused on setting up a WordPress website, this course will also go over some of the most popular social media platforms in use, and help you set up and develop a social media plan as well as some strategies on how to avoid the pitfalls of social interaction. Based on the requirements for an accredited skillset, this course will feature three main components and is expected to be conducted over four x 2 hour sessions at the Horsham Community House.
  • Use social media in a business
  • Develop implement and monitor the use of social media in a business
  • Build and launch a small business website
Expressions of interest are now being taken. If you are interested in this course (or any others) please contact Kathy at Horsham Community House 03 5382 5352

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