Flavours of the World Mini Project

This week, the participants of the Work for the Dole project HCH Tasty Food will be completing the cookbook. Thank you to everyone who has helped with submissions. The cookbook is to be sent to the publishers this week, and should be available for purchase from the Horsham Community House. Costs for the cookbook is $10. As the Work for the Dole project still has some six weeks, we are now looking at extending the participants skills with some community involvement.

The plan is that each week, the participants will select a country. They must research the food of the country and find some recipes for us to try and cook.

If you are able (and would like to help) we are opening this up to members of the community – particularly those who have immigrated here.

If you are willing to come in one day (either Monday, Tuesday & Wednesday) to share your experiences of life in the country where you left (or where your parents came from), you can help prepare a meal, share a funny story or your cultural background.

We will be preparing a roster of those interested in helping.  If you are able to help call Kathy on 03 82 5352

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