Course Planning for 2018

We are in the process of planning our courses and workshops with Horsham Community House and are looking for expressions of interest. If you would be interested in more information, or to enroll in a course listed below – or even if you would like to learn something not listed, please let us know.

General Computer Classes

  • Basic Computers
  • Email & The Internet
  • Ipads 4 Beginners

Office Courses

  • Microsoft Office Suite
    • Word
    • Excel
    • Power Point
    • Access

Cloud Computing Courses

  • Google Drive
  • Google Office Suite
    • Google Docs
    • Google Sheets
    • Google Slides
    • Additional Appps

Creative Courses

  • Photo Editing without Photoshop
  • Build a Business Online NEW
  • Website Design NEW
  • Video & Sound Editing NEW

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