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If you find your computer is running slower now than when you first purchased it some time ago. Depending on the age of your computer, but if it is between three and five years old, you may be able to upgrade the computers internal components cheaply. This may be an option if you don’t want to completely upgrade.
  1. RAM
  2. Hard drive


The computer uses RAM (random access memory) to store files that you are currently working on. To explain in terms of baking, when you bake, you collect all the ingredients first, taking them out of the cupboards and putting on the kitchen bench. The same with computing, when you open a file such as a letter or a video or an image, the computer opens its internal cupboard (the hard drive), finds the file and places it in RAM for it to use. Now the computer also uses the RAM to run programs, keep the clock up to date and this includes running the operating system. When you are installing a new program or app into your computer, you should always check the system specifications to make sure it is compatible. Most computers come with room for 2 – 4 chips of RAM, and usually have 1 chip already installed. Laptops generally have 2 slots available. Upgrading the RAM will make the computer run smoother and faster.  

Hard Drive

The computers hard drive is its internal storage and filing system. The bigger the hard drive, the more “stuff” files, folders and data you can store. But as the computer gets older, you end up with a lot of “stuff” on there – some of it that you may not longer need. If you find your computer is becoming slower as it is getting older (it sadly happens to us too), you may like to delete some old files that you no long need to improve the hard drive speed.
You should always have at least 20 % free space on your computers hard drive.
If you cannot remove any files and are still running out of room, you may like to purchase additional hard drive. These can come in different designs – either internal or external. If you are storing a lot of movies or images on your computer, you may like to consider purchasing an external hard disk drive. A USB power drive can double as a back up device allowing you to move your precious photos off the computer to another device that you can easily connect to another computer if neccessary. These hard drives can be anywhere between $100 and $150 depending on size and brand. Please call in and see us to discuss your needs if you want to upgrade your computer.

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