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It’s Monday, that means back to the Horsham Community House for our Work For The Dole group. Today our participants will be looking at using Google’s free version of Slides as an alternative to Microsofts PowerPoint. “Slides” is a part of the free suite of Office Programs that comes included with a free Google account. When you sign up for a free Gmail account, you get so much more than other companies offering free email systems. With a Google account, you get an email account, 15gig cloud drive, office programs, cloud printing and much more. Our WFTD team have been exploring how Google Office can help make a modern office run smoother with live sharing of office documents – allowing users to collaborate on reports and budgets remotely and in real time. If you would like to know more about Google Office, call into the Horsham Community House at 4 Pearl Street Horsham, or phone on (03) 53825352.

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