Landlines and the NBN

Have you switched over to NBN yet? If not, you might need to arrange it by Friday. My inlaws received a letter in the mail during the week from Telstra. Their landline is to be turned off March 1st. Which is so confusing and distressing to an elderly couple to think they may be without a phone while being so far from town as they are still out on the farm.

Our old copper system has been in place for around 80 years, some areas may be even older. While it still works, the new NBN is faster, stronger and ready to see us through to the next century.


Here’s the confusion. Not many people know or understand you do not need to have the internet on if you are on the NBN – but you do need the NBN on if you want a landline phone.

So why can’t your current company just convert you over without the fuss? Well, they can’t as you will need to sign a new contract to switch over to a new plan.

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If you, mum, dad or Uncle Bill have not yet done anything about the NBN and getting converted over to the new system, you need to act NOW.

Telstra and other telcos are offering Home Phone only plans from around $30 a month. You can view Telstra’s plans on their website. Review the offers available and work out what best suits you.





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