Workshop: Getting Started With Websites

Our Getting Started with Websites series of workshops starts March 5th from 7pm at the Horsham Community House. In this series of four x two hour sessions, Trish will guide you through how to set up a WordPress website using the free WordPress platform.

Session One: Basic Layout

  • pages
  • posts
  • layout
  • menu

Session Two: Content Design

  • media gallery
  • designing content
  • scheduling content

Session Three: Social Media

  • social media platforms
  • linking WordPress & Facebook
  • 3rd party apps

Session Four: Maintenance & Security

  • Users & permissions
  • Upgrading the blog


Cost for all four sessions (including a one off fee for administraiton & course material costs) is $50, or you can pay $10 per session plus the one off fee.


Requires access to a working email account for set up and activation of your WordPress account.

Skills & Knowledge: Knowledge of using a computer system to access the Internet, download or upload files, complete forms & passwords.

More information

More information on this course is available from the office, or you can check out the individual workshop events on our events page

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