Create a quiz using shapes in Power Point

Just about everyone has used or seen PowerPoint at some point. It is used primarily for business to create slide shows to present information about products, services, news and training on just about any topic imaginable.

But Power Point can also be used to create quizzes using multimedia tools and a little imagination. You will need

  • 4 slides for each question
  • A subject
  • Suitable images / graphics

In this activity, we will go through the steps in creating a simple slide show to help children learn their basic shapes. Here I have just made a simple red square on the stage with the instruction at the top to click on the red square. Over on the other side of the screen, add a blue circle (or another shape).

Set up the answers

You will now need to set up additional slides

  1. for the wrong answer with a link back to the original slide so they can try again
  2. for the correct answer with a NEXT link
  3. Next slide


Add the links

Starting with the incorrect slide, we want to be able to link this slide back to the previous slide. Select the text and click on ACTION

Make the appropriate selections, noting that you can also get the program to play a sound, in this case I have chosen BOMB.

Now go to the CORRECT slide and again, make a selection on the screen to apply the ACTION. Include a sound action, and a link to the NEXT slide.

Finally, make sure your question slide links to the appropriate response. If they click on the wrong shape, it will move to the incorrect slide and so on.

If your version of Power Point does not have ACTION, you can also use the HYPERLINK option, and hyperlink to slide in this presentation.

Preview your presentation to make sure it all works.





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