5 Ideas to increase productivity while working from home

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5 ideas for creating productivity while working from home

Working from home is a great idea – I love it and so do many other people who manage to run a business. It’s not about being able to sit at home in your pjy’s all day, it’s still working. And it can be hard and difficult. So here’s some tips I want to share with you.

  1. Set yourself somewhere to work from
  2. Set your hours you want to work
  3. Get organised
  4. Stay off your phone


Set yourself somewhere to work from

Get yourself a home office. Don’t have space for that where you are living right now? Dedicate a desk in your room, an edge of the kitchen table. Have somewhere that is for you for your work. Make sure others that you live with know that it’s your work space.

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Set your hours you want to work

You may already have a full time job but want to start a business to bring in a little extra income. Great. You are now working outside normal working hours. Set what times you will have for work, for your home and for your family. Don’t forget to make time for yourself – you will need to recharge your batteries.

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Get Organised

If you’re a naturally unorganised person (like me) then this lesson may be difficult. But you do need to be organised. You might need to make some investments to help

  • Get a diary – it doesn’t need to be expensive, there are some great printables online and some for free. Check out Pinterest and Etsy and see what is available to make your own. Print everything out and put it in a folder. Undated printables are fine. You will need to have some way of recording your day, you week and your month. Set yourself goals and targets. Make track of your appointments and projects.
  • Get a wall calendar – it could be a cheap calendar, but again, make sure you record important events such as bookings with clients, catalogue due dates for orders and accounts
  • Use templates – make your own templates and reuse them wherever possible. Design your own or purchase some (again check out Etsy and Pinterest for ideas). LadyBossStudio has some great branding kits.
  • Design content in batches – making content for a week and scheduling it is far easier than trying to come up with something every day. I would not recommend outsources unless you really have to. Even sites like www.fiverr.com are cheap, but the quality of the work varies. Again, get some scheduling and blog content as templates and do it yourself. You could try using Canva to create your marketing (I do) and you should also check out the free templates from BlueWire Media (they’re from Sydney and Adam Franklin is really nice)
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Stay off your phone

Aggh. Put the phone down! Stay off it! You don’t need to check for text messages from your BFF, you’re working – remember? Oh and Social media – yeah that’s a killer distraction.

If you must go on social media, then schedule it. Like your emails, set times when you will check and stick to it.

Just because your phone buzzes, you do not need to pick it up.

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