Annoyed now with SSL

I am still having issues with my SSL certificate provider. So far the site is still showing as insecure. I’ve paid for the certificate via their website and it has been issued and uploaded to the domain via their control panel. But it doesn’t seem to have registered. Tonight, I tried again using the SSL Wizard in my server control panel – again paid, issued with the certificate … status says pending. Nothing happening on the site and just now when I went to check on my request – it says I don’t have any pending certificates! WTH is going on with Comodo? Is this what you get when you try for a $10 certificate? Sigh … give it time to have a cup of tea maybe? They are a Brittish Company.


I need to get FTP access working to test out some new software and FTP is saying my security certificate is invalid.

This is really not fair to blondes.

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