HCH Business Support Network

Are you signed up yet? It’s free!

Perhaps you haven’t even heard of this project, like a lot of people. But don’t worry, we can fill (and fit) you in.

Kathy, the Operations Manager at Horsham Community House has come up with the idea of a Business Support Network, primarily aimed at micro business. Those businesses that operate from home with limited to no staff or support. Her idea was to set up a Community Network, similar to those on BSS pages on Facebook where someone asks for a recommendation for a particular service. So we’ve combined both ideas into the ONE PROJECT!

This Business Support Network will act like a website directory of local businesses & services available in the Wimmera, and we are proud hosts of the website. Once we get the Community Directory Service pages finished, I am looking to turn the entire site into an app that will be available for free.

If you or your mother, sister, aunty’s best friend has a home-based business or a small business that would like to be a part of this project, register your interest with us. You can do this by either emailing me directly via the contact page above. Or on the group Facebook page at https://www.facebook.com/HCHBusinessSupportNetwork/ or you can drop your details into the Horsham Community House at 13-15 Robin Street, Horsham VIC 3400.

We need

  • The name of the business
  • A little bit about what you do
  • A suitable photo or your business logo
  • Some relevant contact details.

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