Google Sheets: Part 2

Formatting Cells with Currency & Percentage

This weeks video tutorial is the second in our series on using Google Sheets as an alternative to Excel. Google Sheets is a free app that is available for anyone to use with their gmail account. 

Starting off with a look at what was made last week, we have a go at finding the AVE, MIN & MAX of our sales figures before adding a chart into the mix. Then moved onto another sheet for the calculations. Topics covered in this video include

  • AVE, MIN & MAX formulas
  • Inserting a chart from data
  • Formatting chart types
  • Adding new sheets
  • Naming sheets
  • Adding new columns
  •  Resizing columns
  • Changing sheet settings for country locale
  • Formatting cells with currency or percentage options
  • Changing decimal places
  • Absolute & relative cell referencing

Watch the video

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